What are Montessori Materials?

Posted on: Sep 16

Montessori materials consist of real objects that translate abstract ideas into concrete form. This comes from Maria Montessori’s belief that movement and learning are inseparable. The child must use their entire body in the process of learning.

Most materials also contain multiple levels of challenge that can be used repeatedly at different developmental levels.  A special set of 10 blocks of graduated sizes called “the pink tower” may be used just for stacking; combined with “the brown stair” for comparison; or used with construction paper to trace, cut, and make a paper design. The pink tower, and many other Montessori materials, can also be used by older children to study perspective and measurement. They are ingeniously designed to allow children to work independently with very little introduction or help. Built-in “control of error” in many of the Montessori materials allows the child to determine if they have done the exercise correctly.