What is the “Montessori Method”?

Posted on: Apr 26

Maria Montessori, otherwise referred to as Dr. Montessori, created a developmental approach to education which is often called the “Montessori Method.”

The basic concept of Montessori education centers on a carefully prepared classroom environment that encourages exploration and invites individual discovery. Montessori educators view the child’s education in entirety, recognizing the key roles of parents as the primary educators.

Montessori philosophy supports and nurtures the natural, continual unfolding of the child. It recognizes the child’s need construct inner discipline. Central to this fundamental idea is training the child to work independently, yet cooperatively, since both freedom and responsibility are required for one to be an effective member of society. This method creates a trusting and non-competitive atmosphere where children learn self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-discipline.