April Guest Speaker: Kaela Lebow

Posted on: Apr 19

Our guest speaker for April was Kaela Lebow. Kaela is a former student of MLC and is now attending MPC in Monterey. Since her time at MLC, she has become a very powerful motivational speaker. She visited the school on April 12th and spoke to the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders about what life is like being in a wheelchair. Sje discussed conquering prejudice and stressed that despite her hardships, she chooses to focus on the positive aspects of her life. She also talked about how being in a wheelchair has never stopped her from doing the things she wants to do. She has accomplished many interesting feats, including water skiing, travelling with her soccer team (winning the most defensive player award) and soon, skydiving. She also discussed how making positive choices is an important factor of life.