Enrollment Procedure

Students are admitted to our school without regard to race, color, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin. Priority enrollment for the following school year is given to students who are currently enrolled. Before a student is enrolled, a meeting with the administrator as well as a classroom observation by the parents is required. If applying to the elementary level, a visit by your child is required; at that time he/she will be assessed by the school. We prefer that your child visits for a whole day at the elementary program. All students enter the Montessori Learning Center on a probationary basis. Students entering the primary program must be toilet trained.

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Step 1

Contact the school to receive an Enrollment Information Packet and Basic Services Schedule.


Step 2

Schedule a parent visit and tour.  The tour and parent visit should take approximately 30 minutes.


Step 3

After the parent tour, you may make an appointment to have your child visit the school.
A) Incoming Primary students will have a short, 15-30 minute visit in the classroom.  If you are interested in having your student attend the Primary class on an ongoing basis, parents should submit the enrollment form and the application fee.

B) Incoming Elementary students must submit the enrollment application and application fee before scheduling an observation day.  Arrangements will then be made for your student to spend the day on campus, during which time your child will be academically assessed.

The school will notify parents on the admission status of their child.  Upon acceptance of your child’s application, an registration packet will be sent to you.

Basic admission criterion includes gender and age composition in the current classes and the availability of space in those classes.  Preference in enrollment will be given to a student/family that demonstrate long-term commitment and share the goals and philosophy of the Montessori Learning Center.


Additional Information:

Space in classrooms is limited.  When all spaces are filled, applications are placed on a standby list.  If your application is placed on this waiting list, the Administrator will offer general advice on the likely date of future admission.  When your application reaches the top of the list, the school will notify the family.  Student class assignments are made by the Administration and the tuition fee is due upon registration.  Classroom placement is secured upon payment of the full tuition fee and subsequent monthly tuition installments.

Admission Notes

Priority for enrollment is evaluated on the following criterion:

1. Siblings of current students
2. Children that attended another Montessori program
3. New qualified students based on the date application was submitted

Upon admission to the Montessori Learning Center, the tuition deposit and current month’s tuition will be due.  Deposits will be prorated after October 1st.

Student/Teacher Ratio

Primary (ages 2 ½ – 5 years) Ratio: 12:1
Lower Elementary (ages 6 – 9 years) Ratio: 10:1
Upper Elementary (ages 9 – 11 years) Ratio: 10:1